Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Vacation, had to get away.

If you caught the Go-Gos reference, then you're a true child of the 80s, like me. Personally, I think much of the music from the 70s, except for Disco, is better, more poetic and more meaningful. But, I digress.

In a few days, we pile into the ol' Family Truckster and head for the beach for some much-needed, if not deserved, R & R. I love our famliy vacations. My children are small and still love getting away as a family. Aside from making me nostalgic about our past vacations, and even a little teary-eyed over the children growing older, I always, without fail, come away inspired to do great things. Inspiration is a beautiful thing. Whether it's the beach, or some primeval Kentucky forest (mostly the beach), I always get charged up to write more and better, found a multi-million dollar company based on one of my TOTALLY AWESOME ideas, or save a portion of the world. Not the entire world, that'd be just too much to take on.
Have I Done It?

Have I done great things or have I fallen short? Depends on the perspective.

My writing has improved, but I've not yet made a serious attempt at a book. I've started a couple of businesses, but not yet made the millions. I've helped change the world in a few ways; by teaching my children what's important, helping those that need help, and trying with some success to be a better husband and father.

I've also failed miserably on too many occasions to number at a great many things. For some reason, I keep getting back up, though its incredibly hard to do so, sometimes. I try not to focus for too long on the things that knock me down. I'm immeasurably grateful for the hope I have and the reasons why I keep standing up to give it another shot.


I look forward to Friday morning when I look through the windshield upon the open road. I can hardly wait to discover what the next week holds. I have some ideas that will be stoked by the ever-present ocean breeze, my children's laughter, sand and tall, moss covered trees. In my opinion, vacations are an essential part of life.

Does any of this apply to you? Do vacations do for you what they do for me? Do any of you ever feel, as I do, that you fall short more often than not? Let's hear it in the comments.

P.S. Isn't technology great? I banged out this blog post while waiting for the oil to get changed in the Truckster.

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