Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Exalted One: A Product Review Five Years Later

It's been to Disney World twice, camping, left in the rain, carried a gas can and a car battery, accompanied me nearly every day and remains as good as the day Ogio sent it to me.

Before kids, when something broke, I just bought another. Since kids, times have changed. When they break things it doesn't matter, they seem to get new stuff, for the most part. Dad, however, makes due with what he has. For instance, my golf clubs are now a decade old. That, good friends, is a tragedy.

In short, from a dad's perspective, when something works even a day longer than expected in today's world of buy-then-toss products, it is a true gem.

Hello, old friend. You look great!
The Exalted One

About five years ago, Ogio, the maker of golf bags, backpacks, travel bags, and other sport bags, sent me some bags for review. Among them was a nice sized gym bag. Until this morning, I hadn't noticed how well it has held up. I guess that's what happens with those hardy souls that quietly go about their work, remaining dedicated to their chosen duties. They go unnoticed.

Until, one day, when the boss says, "You're doing amazing work!" That's what happened this morning. I stuck my hand in the bag to retrieve my Clif Mojo bar and the epiphany (yes, same sort of "epiphany" that I sarcastically tweeted about this morning) happened. "Dang, brother, you're still working! And, you look great!"

If I could fill my life with zippers that don't break...

The review I wrote for the bag has long passed into the mists of time, so I'm getting no form of benefit for saying any of this. It's just so refreshing to own something that still looks and functions perfectly after years of nearly constant use. I've used it for some unusual things, as described earlier, and my children have stuffed it full of Barbies and toys, a collection of rocks from their grandparents' farm, a dog, and other things I'm sure I don't want to know about. Throughout, it has remained true to it's calling.

Best of all, all of the zippers still work! Until this bag, I had only heard tales of old about mythical zippers that didn't break. I had considered it mere superstition, but secretly hoped I could be transported to a time when such things were said to occur. Until this morning, when I realized I was blessed to be in the presence of a mythical creature.

Thank you Ogio bag. You have made the life of this father a little easier, a little more stable. You are a trusted friend and shall now assume your position as the Exalted One. First among not-so-equals. May your story be told throughout the earth.

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