Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Night Something: Listening to Barbie's Story

I've just been listening to my five-year old "read" me a Barbie book. She's not even officially a kindergartener, yet, so her "reading" is only figurative.

As she read, I wondered what kind of lady my little sweetheart would grow into. What kind of life will she lead? Will it be a difficult one? Will it be rewarding for her? What kind of obstacles will she face? Will dad and mom prepare her to face them with courage?

Given the state of the world, her growing up is a scary thought. It would be nice if I could keep both of my children under my wing forever, but that wouldn't prepare them for anything.

Where do these thoughts come from? Is it my own fear based on experience?

I should have just enjoyed watching and listening to her, you know, stay in the moment and all that. I can do it as often as not, but there are times, like this Saturday night, that something prevents me from simply enjoying a sweet little voice and the most amazing stories I've ever heard.

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